SELIS Workshop: Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration for a Retail-Centric Ecosystem

The heart of any collaboration programme between suppliers and customers is the ability to easily transfer supply chain data between each other. Data transfer has always been hard even if the format of the data could be agreed, transfer of data implies that I am ‘there’ when you send it to me.

SELIS is a 3 year research and innovation project funded by the EU investigating how data nodes can be used to receive data, allow normalisation of the data, provide supply chain analysis tools through the nodes, then making the (some or all of that) data available to the other partner. Essentially the Supplier and Customer are decoupled using a SELIS Node as an intelligent buffer. The project is progressing well – it finishes in August 2019 and exciting results are now emerging.

ELUPEG is part of the consortium and are holding a half day event focussing on supply chain visibility and collaboration in the retail sector led by Sonae.

The event is on Tuesday 12th February at the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Schiphol Boulevard 101, 1118 BG, Schiphol from 12.30 until 5pm

If you would like more information or to book a place (it is free to attend) email Caren Tomkins on

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