NexTrust Pilot-Project “Angel”

Press Release: Fiege Logistik trials innovative model for evening parcel delivery

Start of preferred delivery date project for online fashion stylist Kisura

Brussels, August 10th, 2017 Parcels should reach their destination when shoppers are ready to receive them. A simple idea, which can prove to be a logistical challenge. Logistics company Fiege started project, “Angel”, at the end of July which is set to solve this Last Mile delivery challenge. For Kisura, an online fashion stylist,Fiege uses an in-house developed IT platform to utilise under-used LSP vehicle fleets to organise the delivery of parcels.

Fiege has been working with a number of partners in the European Union’s“NexTrust” project. The objective of NexTrust is to increase efficiency and sustainability in logistics by developing a flexible innovative business model with interconnected, trusted, collaborative networks along the entire supply chain. Within the project, Fiege has been developing a collaborative,resource-friendly delivery option for Last Mile logistics.

Booming online trade boosts consignment volumes
The part of the project which Fiege spearheads is about making vacant vehicle resources available for the delivery of parcels. The uniqueness of this innovative model is the opportunity to use vehicle capacities from other companies in the region instead of own or conventional parcel delivery vehicles . The goal is to sustainably handle the dramatically growing volume of parcel shipments, which are a result of the booming online market. Axel Niessner, Senior Project Manager at Fiege and official representative of the “E-commerce logistics innovation” working group,explains: “Parcel service providers currently offer little to no convenience to recipients. We will deliver the parcel at the recipient’s preferred time and place.”

IT platform developed in-house
This current pilot is working with a Berlin start-up, Kisura, which creates complete outfits for women in response to individual requests from its clientele. The heart of the “Angel” logistics concept is an IT platform developed by Fiege, which aims to organise E-commerce logistics using collaborative networks. Fleet operators transmit their vacant capacities to the system. The IT platform connects the vehicle with an optimised tour which it then offers to the drivers. Deliveries are to be made within a two-hour window between 6 pm and 11 pm.

“Recipients are pro-actively informed of the exact time of delivery as soon as the delivery driver is on his way”, explains Axel Niessner, who expects the solution to produce these results: “A much higher delivery success rate prevents additional delivery attempts and substantially contributes towards a reduction of inner-city trips.”

The NexTrust pilot project “Angel” will run until October andthe results will be released early next year.

Press contact:
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About NexTrust:
NexTrust ( ) is funded by Horizon 2020 and is administrated by the EC’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). The project duration is 42 months. NexTrust’s objective is to increase efficiency and sustainability in logistics by developing a flexible innovative business model with interconnected, trusted, collaborative networks along the entire supply chain. The pilot cases cover a broad cross section of the entire supply chain (from raw materials to finished goods to retail inbound and to end consumers) for multiple industries. NexTrust expects its pilot cases to reduce 40 percent of lorries, 15 percent of delivery vehicles, 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and increase load factors by 50 percent.

The full consortium comprises:

2degrees, Arcese, Beiersdorf, BLUEWAVE, Borealis L.A.T, Colruyt Group, CRITT Transport et logistique, Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw, ELUPEG, EVO Dutch Shippers Council, Fiege Logistik, Giventis International, Greenyard Foods, GS1 Belgium&Luxembourg, GS1 Germany, GS1 Switzerland, Kimberly Clark, Kneppelhout Korthals Lawyers, Mondelez, Norwegian Logistics, Panasonic Europe,Pastu Consult, Scala, TRI-VIZOR, TXLogistik (Co-ordinator),Unilever, Vlerick Business School, VU University Amsterdam,Wenzel Logistics, Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, YSCO.

Pilot Partner apart from NexTrust Consortium:

KISURA GmbH headquartered in Berlin is Europe’s leading curated shopping platform by and for women. The start-up was founded at the end of 2012 by Tanja Bogumil and Linh Nguyen – two graduates from the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, with prior experience from within the start-up industry. Launched in summer 2013, the Berlin start-up offers shopping assistant services to its customers at curated by professional stylists: Simply register and enjoy a personal consultation – by video or live chat, skype or on the phone – and receive curated outfits wrapped with love and care just for you! KISURA is dedicated to women only and offers women’s apparel selected from over 500 national and international brands. The start-up is financed, amongst others, by the entrepreneur Gary Lin, the international investor Brilliant Heights, by Investitions bank Berlin as well as other Business Angels.

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