ELUPEG Press Release: Change to Leadership Team

The aim of ELUPEG is to educate, promote and exchange knowledge across the supply chain in order for businesses to become more efficient, digital and sustainable.

Listening is important: the goal has always been to provide a neutral forum in which leading players (shippers, enablers and logistics providers) from all major sectors can learn about new developments by sharing and discussing current issues, technologies and best practices. Fostering all networks and bringing together senior players with younger, dynamic members of the supply chain community allows greater interaction to share information and innovation and to find new business partners for different ventures both horizontally and vertically.

ELUPEG was created in 2002 to promote and facilitate horizontal and vertical collaboration across supply chains in Europe. The organisation provided a neutral trusted environment that enabled the members to engage in action-based projects to improve their own business performance and European Logistics.

ELUPEG began by focussing on bringing in members to understand collaboration, to identify and overcome the practical challenges of working across previously independent supply chains.

Then it became involved in major projects initiated primarily from outside ELUPEG. These mainly EU funded projects have included TGMATRIX, CO3, SELIS, NexTrust and ICONET. See the website for details.

From Summer 2020 we are happy to announce that there is a new leadership team including Alain Baeyens as Chairman, Jordi Jove, Tim Phillips and Caren Tomkins with additional support from an Advisory Board including Samsung, Panasonic, EY, LKW Walter, sennder, BVL Austria and others. The vision and mission remain the same but will be powered by sponsorship from key European businesses.

ELUPEG has held more than 60 meetings and has involved more than 600 members over the past 18 years. It will continue to have meetings and be involved in projects.

The current leadership team has been successfully running ELUPEG for many years. This includes Professor Alan Waller OBE as Chairman, Brian Bolam as Vice Chairman, Derek Bell as Financial Director and Caren Tomkins as Marketing Director. The team was further strengthened with Steve Rinsler joining as MD and Stephen Harley as President. It has also been fortunate to have the support of John Berry, Jordi Jove, Alain Baeyens, Oliver Phillip, Rupert Nichols, Larry Woelk and Gerardo Ibanez.

Alan Waller, Founder and Honorary President of ELUPEG, comments:
ELUPEG was formed as a response to the request from senior supply chain leaders representing shippers, providers and enablers for an independent forum to bring all businesses, including competitors, together to work collaboratively to improve the performance of their supply chains whilst at the same time reducing emissions.
The success of ELUPEG is down to the tremendous support from the ELUPEG team, and the active participation of the supply chain community. I am delighted to hand over to the new leadership team, and will be pleased to give them all the support I can in moving forward into the next phase of development’

Jordi Jove, Director of LKW Walter, comments:
‘My active involvement in ELUPEG over recent years has shown that ELUPEG is at the forefront of European Supply Chain developments. I am delighted to continue as part of the leadership team and to take forward the excellent work of ELUPEG into a new stage of development.’

Alain Baeyens, Chairman of ELUPEG, comments:
‘I have been pleased to have had Board involvement with ELUPEG over recent years. I am delighted to take on the role of Chairman, also representing ELUPEG in ALICE, where we share a common vision and where ELUPEG activities are fully aligned with supporting the ALICE European Programme.’

For more information see www.elupeg.com