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Welcome toELUPEG

ELUPEG is a not for profit organisation. Our aim is to educate, promote and exchange knowledge across the supply chain in order to become more efficient, digital and sustainable.

Listening is important; the goal is to provide a forum in which leading players (shippers, enablers and logistics providers) from all major sectors can learn about new developments by sharing and discussing current issues, technologies and best practices. Fostering all networks and bringing together senior players with younger, dynamic members of the supply chain allows great interaction to share information and innovation and to find new business partners for different ventures both horizontally or vertically.


ELUPEG was created in 2002 to promote and facilitate horizontal and vertical collaboration across the supply chain in Europe. The organisation provides a neutral trusted environment that enables our members to engage in action-based projects to improve their own business performance and European Logistics. Significant improvements in asset utilisation, carbon footprints, customer service and cost reductions have been achieved by bringing companies together. Our activities have always been and always will be open to all European users, providers and enablers of Logistics Services with representation at an appropriate and senior level.

Why Join ELUPEG?


The business environment is currently being disrupted by new technology, new evolving consumer behaviour and change of patterns and business models influenced by unpredictable factors.

Benefits of being part of ELUPEG:

Deeper understanding of technology and digitalisation within the sector

Great collaboration projects with other companies for shared gain

Education of your teams on the wider logistics horizon

Potential forward thinking partners to later do business with.

Knowledge environment outside the company



Upcoming Events

For more information please contact carentomkins@elupeg.com

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