Next NexTrust Workshop

Date: Thursday May 24th 2018
Location:  Niel, Belgium

Meeting Fees

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£225 plus VAT

£450 plus VAT

NexTrust Workshops

Thursday April 26th 2018: Hosted by ELUPEG

  • ​​​Location: Panasonic Marketing Europe, Hagenauer Str. 43, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • ​Topics:
    • Sharing trucks for partial loads - problem to pilot to everyday business
    • LTL case study: Targeting toxic fumes and congestion in central London
    • FT/ Intermodal: Optimising intermodal rail network through trusted collaboration demand and supply side
    • Neutral Trustee: Building collaboration in a legally complient way
    • FTL: Sustainability in practice - Building demand side horizontal collaboration with pilot examples
    • For more information and to register contact: Caren Tomkins
    • Download Agenda

Thursday May 24th 2018:  Hosted by ELUPEG

  • Location: TriVizor Offices, Galileilaan 15, 2845 Niel, Belgium
  • Topics:
    • Case Study: Collaboration of fresh and frozen shippers across Europe
    • Case Study: Setup of a Multi Supplier - Multi Retailer platform in Belgium
    • NexTrust - The innovative Business Model - How to collaborate with your competitor and cross sector; legal,  data, trustee & methodology
  • For more information and to register contact: Caren Tomkins 
  • Download Agenda

Wednesday June 19th 2018: Hosted by GS1 Germany (agenda coming soon)

  • Topics: LTL pilots and E-Commerce
  • Location: Troisdorf, Germany
  • For more informaiton and to register contact: Sandra Wagner

Tuesday July 17th 2018: Hosted by ELUPEG (agenda coming soon)

  • Topic: Full Truck Load (FTL) pilots
  • Location: London, UK
  • For more informaiton and to register contact: Caren Tomkins

Tuesday September 25th 2018: Hosted by Kneppelhout & Korthals Lawyers (KKL), Pastu Consult and Giventis (agenda coming soon)

  • Topic: FTL/ International full truck loads across Europe
  • Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • For more information and to register contact: Patrick Stumm

Thursday October 11th 2018: Hosted by TX Logistik (agenda coming soon)

  • Topic: FTL Intermodal: The NexTrust FTL Intermodal pilot cases focus on vertical collaboration amongst railway operators, carriers and shippers. This workshop will address the following:
    • Applying the trusted business model to the intermodal supply sector
    • Optimising intermodal rail freight services through trusted collaboration
    • Increasing the quantity of freight flows for an existing train connection and how to share the risk of utilisation.
  • Location: Troisdorf, Germany
  • For more information and to register contact: TX Logistik

External Events: 

  • April 19th 2018: European Supply Chain Day
    • ​Purpose: Insight into the logistics industry
    • Location: Multiple locations across Europe
    • ​More information available here
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