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SELIS Newsletter about the Commercialisation Workshop

SELIS is trying to create an architecture for logistics information sharing and valorisation to form a single logistics information space in Europe, that is accessible for the transport sector, its users and, in addition, public authorities. A workshop was held to discuss and get ideas how to move the project forwards in a commercial way…

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NexTrust reduces CO2 emissions and focuses on fair gain sharing

The EU-funded project NexTrust is campaigning for more sustainability in logistics. The idea behind the project is to establish vertical and antitrust compliant horizontal collaboration networks. To achieve a high degree of sustainability, more than 30 project partners are currently working on more than 40 pilot projects to develop cooperative loading agreements to bundle freight volumes in order to reduce empty trips and shift loads from the road to alternative means of transport such as rail or ship. The aim is to relieve the environment through more sustainable methods of transport.

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