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Sustainable and Cost Efficient
Supply Chains through Collaboration in Europe

Welcome to ELUPEG

ELUPEG was formed in 2002 and is the only European organisation whose sole focus is the fostering of logistics collaboration. Collaboration is now widely discussed and is on everyone's agenda.

We are unique in bringing together the collaboration of logistics for all users, providers and enablers in the supply chain to reduce congestion and pollution while improving efficency and reducing costs

How ELUPEG Works?

Our mission is to be the catalyst and provide the forum, environment and access to tools to facilitate supply chain collaboration worldwide.

Significant improvements in asset utilisation, carbon reductions, customer service and cost reductions have been achieved by bringing companies together.

  • We are Europe’s foremost forum for promotion and facilitation of Horizontal Collaboration
  • Network with more than 600 member companies across Europe
  • Find collaboration partners and learn from success stories of your peers
  • Join consortia bidding for Horizon 2020 grant funding
  • Become part of the most trusted collaboration environment in Europe
  • Avoid anti-trust issues through the neutral trusted third party status enjoyed by ELUPEG
  • Collaboration is the single largest cost reduction opportunity in supply chain
  • Personal, Corporate and Ambassador Membership options available

“ELUPEG has done more to promote the cause of Horizontal Collaboration in Europe than any other single organisation” Paul Brooks, Unipart (ex)


Collaboration News

Upcoming Events

The 4th NexTrust Project Workshop is on July 17th 2018 near Heathrow London, UK

This workshop includes presentations of our pilot case studies from Mondelez on “Cross-shipper, full truckload (FTL) collaboration on closed loop and round trips (backhauls) and Intermodal conversion” and Brian Bolam, TGMatrix on “Cool running in urban areas: London Food Hub”, followed by discussions. See the agenda here

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